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About Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, often referred to as the "Old Pueblo," is a vibrant city located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona. Known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning desert landscapes, and a deep connection to history, Tucson offers a unique blend of Southwestern charm and natural beauty. The city's warm hospitality and diverse community make it a wonderful place to call home.

Explore more about living in Tucson and what makes it a captivating destination.

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Average Home Price in Tucson

The average home price in Tucson, AZ, stands at approximately $333,000.

Based on calculations of home data from MLS and/or public records.

Veteran Benefits in Arizona

  • Arizona State Veterans Home
    The state of Arizona has four veterans homes, including skilled nursing facilities in Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma. These homes provide essential care and support for honorably discharged veterans who require skilled nursing care, and they also admit spouses.
  • Arizona Veteran Financial Benefits
    Arizona offers various financial benefits to veterans, including: - Active-duty pay is tax-free. - Military retirement pay and benefits, including Survivor Benefit Plan payments, are tax-free. - The Arizona Military Family Relief Fund provides financial assistance for military and veteran families facing hardships due to their service. Applicants can receive emergency assistance of up to $3,000, with a lifetime limit of $20,000. - No license tax or registration fee for a personally owned vehicle is collected from any 100% service-connected disabled veteran. A veteran residing in Arizona is exempt from vehicle license tax on a vehicle acquired through financial aid from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. This exemption also applies to the surviving spouse until they remarry. - Disabled veterans and their survivors may be eligible for property tax waivers in certain cases. Contact your County Assessor's office for eligibility. - The Tuition Waiver program provides eligible veterans or surviving dependents tuition-free education up to a bachelor’s degree at any Arizona public state university or community college. Eligibility includes un-remarried spouses or dependent children of an active-duty or Arizona National Guard member killed in the line of duty, current members of the Arizona National Guard with a Purple Heart received after Sep. 11, 2001, veterans of the Arizona National Guard medically discharged due to duty-related injury or disability, and veterans with a Purple Heart who were Arizona residents or stationed in Arizona at the time of the injury and have a VA disability rating of 50% or more.
  • Arizona Veteran Employment Benefits
    Arizona provides employment benefits to veterans, including: - Veterans who pass an examination for state, county, or city employment will have 5 points added to their certification score. The veteran must have served for more than six months with an honorable discharge. - Honorably discharged veterans receiving VA disability compensation will have 10 points added to their certification score. - Certain spouses or surviving spouses will receive a 5-point preference if the veteran died of a service-connected disability. - The Veteran Toolkit Program assists unemployed veterans by providing them with the supplies they need to start working, ranging from boots and tools to bicycles. Qualifying veterans must live in Arizona, be enrolled in an Arizona Job Connection with Arizona@Work, and identify the job they need supplies for.
  • Arizona CDL Skills Test Waiver
    Eligible military personnel or veterans may have the Commercial Driver License (CDL) skills tests waived when applying for a CDL if they are on active duty or within one year of discharge and have operated a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) or equivalent for at least two years immediately before discharge.
  • Arizona Real Estate Licensing
    The Arizona Department of Real Estate offers reduced licensing requirements for military spouses.
  • Arizona Veteran Recreation Benefits
    Arizona provides recreational benefits to veterans, including: - Active-duty members stationed in Arizona can get hunting and fishing licenses at the resident rate. - Free hunting/fishing combo licenses are available for 100% service-connected disabled veterans who have been Arizona residents for at least 12 months. Those with less than 100% disability receive a discounted license. - Arizona offers discounts to its state parks, including a 50% day-use discount to all active-duty, Guard and Reserve military members and up to three accompanying adult family members, a 50% day-use discount to all resident military retirees, a 50% off day-use pass to all disabled military, and a free day-use pass to all resident 100% service-connected disabled veterans.
  • Arizona Veteran Cemeteries
    The state of Arizona has three veterans cemeteries located in Camp Navajo, Marana, and Sierra Vista. Any veteran with an other-than-dishonorable discharge is eligible for burial. Spouses and certain dependents are also eligible for burial. Veterans receive interment at no charge, while eligible spouses and dependents incur a one-time nominal fee. Visit the Arizona Department of Veterans Affairs website for more information about these programs.
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Tucson Neighborhoods and Surrounding Cities

Tucson, often referred to as the "Old Pueblo," is a city steeped in history and surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Sonoran Desert. With its rich cultural heritage, Tucson offers a unique blend of Native American, Mexican, and Spanish influences. The city is known for its vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries, museums, and theaters showcasing local talent. Tucson's outdoor recreational opportunities are unparalleled, with hiking and biking trails in the nearby mountains, world-class bird watching, and the enchanting beauty of the Saguaro National Park.

Tucson's diverse neighborhoods cater to a range of lifestyles, from the historic barrios of downtown to the family-friendly suburbs. The city's affordable cost of living and laid-back atmosphere make it an attractive destination for retirees, students, and young professionals. With its warm desert climate, stunning sunsets, and a strong sense of community, Tucson captures the essence of Southwestern living and offers a welcoming home to those who embrace its charm.

Downtown Tucson: Experience the heart of the city in Downtown Tucson, where you'll find a lively entertainment scene, restaurants, and cultural events.

Midtown Tucson: Midtown Tucson is known for its eclectic shops, local breweries, and vibrant art scene.

West University: This historic neighborhood features tree-lined streets, charming homes, and easy access to parks and the University of Arizona.

El Encanto: El Encanto offers a mix of housing options, from family-friendly neighborhoods to upscale communities, all set against the backdrop of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Oro Valley: Located just north of Tucson, Oro Valley is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and outdoor recreational opportunities.

Marana: Marana, a neighboring town to the northwest, offers a mix of suburban and rural living, with excellent schools and outdoor activities.

Vail: Vail is a growing community to the southeast, known for its family-oriented neighborhoods and proximity to the Rincon Mountains.

Sahuarita: Sahuarita, located to the south, is known for its family-friendly neighborhoods, parks, and community events.

Mount Lemmon: Escape to the stunning heights of Mount Lemmon, where you can enjoy cooler temperatures and outdoor adventures just a short drive from Tucson.

South Tucson: South Tucson offers a unique cultural experience, with a strong focus on the area's Hispanic heritage and vibrant community events.

Catalina Foothills: Nestled in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, this area boasts luxury homes, golf courses, and stunning desert views.

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base: This military base plays a vital role in Tucson's identity and community support.

Green Valley: A retirement community south of Tucson, Green Valley offers a peaceful environment and a range of amenities for residents.

Oracle: Located to the north, Oracle provides a quiet, rural atmosphere while being close to Tucson's amenities.

Tubac: Tubac, known for its vibrant arts scene, is a small town with a rich cultural heritage, located south of Tucson.

These neighborhoods and surrounding cities contribute to Tucson's rich tapestry of experiences, ensuring there's always something new to explore.

Military in Tucson

Tucson is proud to support a strong military community with various resources and organizations:

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base: Davis-Monthan AFB plays a vital role in Tucson's military presence, with a focus on air and space power.

Veterans Services: Tucson offers a range of services for veterans, including assistance with benefits, healthcare, and access to local veterans' organizations.

American Legion and VFW Posts: Veterans can connect with their peers and access support through local American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) posts.

Tucson's military community enriches the city's culture, and the support services available make it a welcoming place for veterans and their families.

Local Universities in Tucson

Tucson is home to a thriving academic community, with several universities and colleges offering diverse educational opportunities:

University of Arizona: The University of Arizona is a renowned research university known for its academic excellence and contributions to the community.

Pima Community College: Pima Community College provides a wide range of associate degrees and workforce development programs to meet the needs of students and the local economy.

Prescott College - Tucson Center: Located in downtown Tucson, Prescott College offers unique education focused on environmental and social justice.

Western International University: Western International University serves Tucson and offers accessible higher education with a focus on student success.

Whether you're pursuing a degree, enhancing your skills, or exploring lifelong learning, Tucson's universities provide a supportive and enriching environment.

VA Home Loans: Your Path to Homeownership in Tucson

Tucson, Arizona, presents a remarkable opportunity for veterans and active-duty service members to establish roots in a vibrant community. VA Home Loans unlock the doors to homeownership with enticing benefits tailored to Tucson:

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  • Competitive Interest Rates: Enjoy competitive interest rates that save you money over the life of your loan.
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): With VA Loans, you won't need to worry about costly PMI, reducing your monthly expenses.

These advantages make purchasing a home in Tucson a smart and affordable choice for veterans.

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