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About Scottsdale, Arizona

Discover Scottsdale, Arizona, a vibrant city known for its beautiful desert landscapes, cultural attractions, and thriving community.

Explore more about living in Scottsdale and what makes it a unique destination.

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Average Home Price in Scottsdale

The average home price in Scottsdale, AZ, is approximately $415,000.

Based on calculations of home data from MLS and/or public records.

Veteran Benefits in Scottsdale

  • Arizona Veteran Services
    Scottsdale, Arizona, offers comprehensive veteran services, including healthcare, counseling, and support for veterans and their families. These services aim to improve the well-being and quality of life for local veterans.
  • Arizona Veteran Employment
    The state of Arizona provides employment assistance to veterans in Scottsdale, connecting them with job opportunities, job training programs, and resources to help them transition to civilian careers.
  • Arizona Veteran Housing
    Veterans in Scottsdale can access housing assistance programs offered by the state of Arizona, including affordable housing options, home loan programs, and housing grants to make homeownership more accessible.
  • Arizona Veteran Education
    Veterans in Scottsdale, Arizona, can access educational benefits, including tuition assistance, scholarships, and academic support services, to pursue higher education and vocational training.
  • Arizona Veteran Recreation
    Discover recreational opportunities for veterans in Scottsdale, from outdoor activities to community events designed to promote camaraderie and well-being.
  • Arizona Veteran Cemeteries
    Learn about Arizona's veteran cemeteries, where eligible veterans and their families in Scottsdale can receive a final resting place with honor and respect.
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    Scottsdale Neighborhoods

    Scottsdale boasts a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and amenities. Here are some of the prominent neighborhoods in Scottsdale:

    • North Scottsdale: Known for its upscale communities, golf courses, and luxury amenities.
    • Old Town Scottsdale: Experience the heart of the city with vibrant nightlife, art galleries, and cultural attractions.
    • McCormick Ranch: A family-friendly neighborhood with scenic lakes, parks, and top-rated schools.
    • Desert Mountain: Home to a prestigious golf club and stunning desert landscapes.
    • Gainey Ranch: Offers resort-style living with golf, tennis, and spa facilities.
    • Troon North: Known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities.
    • Scottsdale Waterfront: Enjoy waterfront living and upscale dining options in this scenic neighborhood.
    • DC Ranch: A master-planned community with a focus on family living and outdoor activities.
    • McDowell Mountain Ranch: Surrounded by natural beauty and outdoor trails, perfect for nature enthusiasts.
    • Arcadia: Known for its lush greenery, Arcadia offers a suburban oasis in the heart of the city.
    • South Scottsdale: Experience a mix of modern and historic neighborhoods with a vibrant arts scene.
    • Talking Stick: Home to the Salt River Fields and Talking Stick Resort, offering entertainment and recreation.
    • Paradise Valley: An affluent suburb with stunning mountain views and luxury real estate.
    • Cactus Corridor: A horse-friendly neighborhood with equestrian facilities and spacious properties.
    • Shea Corridor: Enjoy a family-friendly atmosphere and excellent schools in this Scottsdale area.

    Military Presence in Scottsdale

    Scottsdale is proud to support a strong military community with various resources and organizations:

    • Scottsdale Veterans Center: Provides essential services and assistance to local veterans and their families.
    • Arizona Army National Guard: With a presence in Scottsdale, the National Guard plays a vital role in emergency response and community support.

    These military resources enrich Scottsdale's community and contribute to its welcoming atmosphere.

    Higher Education in Scottsdale

    Scottsdale offers access to quality higher education institutions, including:

    • Scottsdale Community College: Provides a wide range of academic programs and career-oriented courses.
    • Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West: An iconic architectural school that offers unique educational opportunities.

    Whether you're pursuing a degree or looking to expand your knowledge, Scottsdale's higher education options cater to diverse interests.

    VA Home Loans in Scottsdale

    Scottsdale, Arizona, presents a remarkable opportunity for veterans and active-duty service members to establish roots in a vibrant community. VA Home Loans unlock the doors to homeownership with enticing benefits tailored to Scottsdale:

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    • Competitive Interest Rates: Enjoy competitive interest rates that save you money over the life of your loan.
    • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI): With VA Loans, you won't need to worry about costly PMI premiums, keeping your monthly payments affordable.
    • Flexible Credit Requirements: VA Loans consider a broader range of credit profiles, making homeownership accessible to more veterans.
    • Streamlined Refinancing: Refinance your existing VA Loan with ease, potentially lowering your interest rate or monthly payments.
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