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VA Loans

VA Loans are mortgage loans available exclusively to Veterans and military families. What makes the VA Loan so unique is that it offers incredible benefits such as $0 down payments, no mortgage insurance, relaxed credit requirements, and competitive interest rates.

These loans are issued by approved private lenders and guaranteed (or insured) by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA Home Loan was first introduced at the end of WW2 to help military families purchase homes more easily. Millions of military families have since taken advantage of the VA Loan. Eligible home buyers can use a VA Loan to purchase a home as their primary residence or refinance their existing mortgage with little to no extra fees.




What is your branch of Service?

What is your branch of Service?

Why do people use VA Loans?

Helping military men and women settle into homes quicker and easier is why the VA Loan is so successful. Considered to be the best mortgage option available to those who are eligible, VA Loans are easier to qualify for and offer competitive interest rates. VA Loans are an amazing benefit for military families. They’re exclusively reserved to those who bravely served our country and select military spouses.

Our team at Military Home Spot Lending are experts on VA Loans. They are truly dedicated to helping veterans and military families live the American dream they’re fighting hard to protect.


VA Loans are a great way for our active duty service members and veterans to live the American Dream they fight hard to protect.

To begin the process of determining whether or not you are eligible for a VA Home Loan, you must first gain access to your Certificate of Eligibility and we can help get you into your dream home!

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