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What is your branch of Service?

What is your branch of Service?

What is

Interest is the cost of borrowing money and is represented as a percentage rate. Interest is how banks and lenders make money. When determining your interest rate, your lender will look at a number of factors including the current market condition, your credit history, your ability to repay the loan, and the amount you are able to pay for closing costs. All these factors create your unique financial landscape, which means everyone’s interest rate could be different.

Interest Rates with VA Loans

VA Loans offer a multitude of Interest rate options, but the most well-known are fixed & adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs). Fixed-interest rates are rates that do not change for the life of the loan. This means that your monthly payment will stay the same.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgages are loans with an interest rate that is fixed for a certain number of years and can adjust periodically for the remainder of the mortgage.

A majority of veterans choose fixed-rates over ARMs due to the fact that they will know what their monthly cost is for the term of the mortgage.


Our journey with getting our own home was quite challenging. But with the help of Alix and her team they made the process very easy. We are a military family, and as you all know we move quite a lot every few years. But we decided to settle down here in the beautiful city of San Diego. Alix was very helpful on all questions that we had. She was able to give us numbers in a timely manner whenever we saw a property we were interested in. It took some time to find the perfect home for us but when we did it was like love at first sight. They were able to give us a good interest rate and other perks.

Without a doubt we will go through Military Home Spot again on our next purchase.


Interest rates are an important part in your home buying experience. Other financial factors to consider are monthly payments and closing costs.


Your monthly payment is a combination of PITI:

Principal Interest Taxes Insurance

The amount you pay for taxes and insurance is calculated by the cost or size of your home. With VA Loans, PMI is waived which lowers your initial monthly payments significantly. Your lender can help you calculate your monthly payment and help get you into the home you love and can afford.


Closing Costs

While VA Loans give you the benefit of no down payment, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any costs involved in closing. Closing costs can be made up of a number of fees including appraisal, taxes, insurance, title and escrow fees and any associated bank or lender fees.

The home buyer pays these closing costs by themselves, however if the home buyer isn't able to pay these they can get a seller credit and/or lender credit. A lender credit is an amount of money given to the home buyer in exchange for increasing their interest rate.

Why Work With Us?

At Military Home Spot Lending we are proud to serve military families in search of their dream homes. We are veterans too and our mission is to help you buy a home, or refinance an existing mortgage with ease. Veteran to veteran, we’ll help you make strong, well-informed decisions.

VA Loan benefits offer significant cost savings for home buyers. With a great interest rate and no down payment or PMI, the monthly payments and closing costs can be much more affordable than other loans. We will work diligently to get you the best interest rate possible and work within your financial means.


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