Purchasing A Home

There are six manageable steps to buying a new home.

Buying a home can be overwhelming, but if you break it down step-by-step it can feel a lot more manageable. For military families and veterans, it’s important to work with a lender who understands the ins and outs of buying a home for military families. Having a lender who is also an expert in the VA Loan process as well as employees who are veterans like Military Home Spot Lending (MHS Lending) is a game changer.


Get Pre-Approved

The first step to buying a home is to meet with a bank or lender to get pre-approved for a VA Loan. A pre-approval is very valuable, because this will help you and your lender determine your buying power.

Once you are pre-approved and know your budget, your bank or lender should connect you with a knowledgeable real estate agent that understands the VA Loan process. It is important to relay your wants and needs to your real estate agent so they can use this information to tailor your home search.


Go Home Shopping

Now that you and your real estate agent have determined the qualities that you want in a home, it's time to go searching for your dream home.


Submit an Offer

Once you have found the perfect home, it's time to submit an offer. You and your real estate agent will determine the right amount to offer the home sellers. While it is your goal to buy the home at the best price, it is also the sellers goal to sell the home for as much money as possible. Because of this, there may be some back-and-forth negotiations to determine the right price you both agree on.


Make Sure the Home is Good to Go

Once you and the sellers have agreed on a price, it's time to make sure that the home is in good-standing order and worth the negotiated price. In order to determine this, you along with your real estate agent and lender will order the following:

  • A Home Inspection - to find what (if anything) is wrong with the home
  • A Termite Inspection - to check for decay due to termite infestation
  • An Appraisal - to determine the market value of the home


Processing & Underwriting

While all of the inspections are happening, your loan packet is likely going through a processing & underwriting period. During this time, the lender will be going over your financial statements to determine that you are qualified and can make the appropriate monthly payments.

Once your loan has gone through the appropriate underwriting period your lender will give you a final loan approval. This means that you are approved to buy this home with your VA Loan.


Close on the Home

The next and final step will be to sign your loan documents at closing. This is where you will sit down with your lender & notary to go over the final figures as well as the mortgage requirements you are committing to.

A few days later you should receive word from your lender and real estate agent that your loan has funded. Congratulations, you are now a home owner!

Kevin has been such an awesome help for me with my first home purchase as well as refinancing.

Smooth processes and answers every question I have. Will always refer to his services and utilize them for every home purchase! Me and Jayden love our home!"

- LaQuisha Shines U.S. Navy


We at MHS Lending are dedicated to getting active duty military members and veterans into their dream homes. Our team of experts have decades of experience in home loans and specialize in working with military families. It’s our mission to help those who have served or are actively serving in the U.S. military buy the homes of their dreams.



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