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VA Loans in Ohio

The VA Loan is a vital resource for military families and veterans, offering significant homeownership advantages. In Ohio, veterans and active-duty service members in cities like Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Akron are leveraging the benefits of VA Loans.

As home prices continue to climb nationwide, the VA Loan's no down payment requirement, absence of PMI, competitive interest rates, and lenient credit score criteria are making home ownership more accessible for Ohio's military and veteran communities.

Median Sale Price of Homes in Ohio's Top 10 Cities*





















Ohio Statewide Average


*Data sourced from Zillow, 2024

Property Taxes in Ohio

Property tax rates in Ohio vary by county, but the state offers several exemptions that could benefit homeowners, including veterans and seniors. Ohio's property tax rates are generally in line with the national average. Payments are typically due semi-annually.

VA Disability in Ohio

Ohio provides property tax exemptions for veterans with disabilities, seniors, and other eligible groups. These exemptions vary by county, so it's recommended to consult with your county assessor's office for specific benefits.

Insurance Programs in Ohio

With Ohio's susceptibility to natural disasters like storms and floods, having adequate insurance coverage is crucial. Homeowners should seek advice from licensed insurance professionals to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Military Presence in Ohio

Ohio supports a substantial military community with several bases and facilities, contributing significantly to the state's economy and social fabric.

VA Home Loan Volume in 2023 in Ohio*

Total Loans


Average Loan Amount


Total Loan Amount (ALL)


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Total Cash-Out Loans


*Data sourced from Zillow (January 2024)

FAQ’s about VA Loans in Ohio

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For more information on property tax exemptions and benefits for veterans in Ohio, click here.

Curious about the average interest rates for VA Loans in Ohio? They are typically lower than conventional loan rates. Learn more here.