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VA Loans in Arkansas

The VA Loan is one of the most powerful tools available exclusively for military families and veterans. In Arkansas, veterans and active-duty military have been taking advantage of the benefits of the VA Loan in cities such as Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, and Springdale.

The cost of homes across the United States has been steadily increasing in recent years. With a $0 down payment requirement, no PMI, lower interest rates, and a more relaxed credit score requirement, the VA Loan is making homeownership a reality for more military families and veterans in Arkansas now than ever before. 

Median Sale Price of Homes in Arkansas*

Little Rock




Fort Smith






Arkansas Statewide Average


*Data pulled from Redfin (April 2022)

Property Taxes in Arkansas

In the state of Arkansas, property taxes are the 12th lowest across the country at just 0.61%, well below the national average of 1.07%, according to SmartAsset. All property tax bills are due in full by October 15th and most counties allow for online payments. There are a few exemptions including for senior citizens and disabled veterans.

VA Disability in Arkansas

Common property tax exemptions are reserved for veterans, disabled veterans, seniors over the age of 65, and more. Since these exemptions can vary by county and state and often have strict qualification standards, not every veteran or homeowner qualifies, but those that do are able to reap the benefits of significant savings.

Disabled veterans in Arkansas may be eligible to get a full property tax exemption on their primary residence if they have lost the use of at least one of their limbs, are legally blind, or are 100% disabled as a result of their service. Since these rates can vary based on location (i.e., exemptions in Little Rock may be different from those in Fayetteville or Fort Smith), you’ll want to contact your local municipal tax assessor’s office.

Insurance Programs in Arkansas

Natural disasters can happen anytime and are often unexpected or occur suddenly which makes it critical that you and your family are sufficiently covered. The most common natural disasters in Arkansas that homeowners are insured against include tornadoes, floods, and severe storms.

Even though the state of Arkansas is a landlocked state, it is still considered one of the states that has the most natural disasters with tornadoes and extreme storms happening frequently. Since climate conditions vary from Little Rock to Springdale, you’ll want to consult with a licensed insurance company to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for where you live.

Military Presence in Arkansas

Arkansas is home to three military bases with the majority of them located near Little Rock. Due to its proximity to Texas and busy military bases, there are thousands of veterans living in Arkansas.

VA Home Loan Volume in 2021 in Arkansas*

Total Loans


Average Loan Amount


Total Loan Amount (ALL)


Total Purchase Loans


Total Purchase Loans %


Total IRRRL Loans


Total IRRRL Loans %


Total Cash-Out Loans


Total Cash-Out Loans %


*Data pulled from the Department of Veterans Affairs (April 2022)

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FAQ’s about VA Loans in Arkansas

How do I buy a house in Arkansas? The best way to get started is to give us a call or fill out this form to get started!

How do I find more information about property taxes and exemptions for veterans in Arkansas? Click here to read more details regarding major property tax exemptions in every state.

What are the average interest rates in Arkansas? Interest rates for VA Loans are often lower than the national average rates for conventional loans. Click here to learn more about interest rates.