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Our primary goal is to make you a proud homeowner.

Once you have decided that this is the right time for you to buy your home, you’ll need to find a VA knowledgeable loan officer. We at MHS Lending have extensive experience working with VA Loans and employ a team of veterans who understand the process of buying a home for military families. We’ll work with you from day one so you can go home shopping with a clear idea of your buying power.

While you sit with us, we will cover things like DTI (debt-to-income ratio), your credit scores, how much you are approved for, and how your situation dictates how much you can afford. Understanding how much you can afford is crucial because you will be expected to make this payment each month for up to 30 years. It is a big commitment and our goal is to set you up for success.




What is your branch of Service?

What is your branch of Service?

Documents to Prepare for your Lender Meeting

  1. Certificate of Eligibility (your lender can pull this for you)
  2. DD-214 / Statement of Service - so your lender can verify your VA Loan eligibility
  3. Tax Returns with W-2/1099s - so your lender can verify your 2 years of stable income
  4. Pay Stubs/LES - so your lender can accurately calculate your DTI ratio
  5. Bank Statements - so your lender can verify that you have enough money for closing costs or so they can plan to help you pay for them
  6. Bankruptcy Documents (if applicable)
  7. Divorce Decree (if applicable & if you pay child support and/or alimony)

Once you get pre-approved with your loan officer, you are now ready to go shopping with a VA knowledgeable real estate agent. Once you find your dream home, they’ll help you make an offer and the steps will fall in line.


As a leader in the industry, our team at Military Home Spot Lending is focused on exceeding expectations. Proven by our countless strong reviews and loyal customer base, our team is professional, easy to work with, and the best in the business. We are proud to help veterans and active duty military members in the process of securing their dream home. We’ll walk you through the VA Loan process while you relax, and we work tirelessly on your behalf to make you a homeowner.

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