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What Goes into Your Monthly Mortgage Payment?

12-09-2021 • MHS Lending

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make in life. While many people only consider the total sale price of a house to determine if it’s within budget, it’s also important to think about what the. . .

All About the Damaged Credit VA Loan

12-29-2020 • MHS Lending

Sometimes life can be incredibly difficult, and you may find yourself in a situation where your credit has been damaged. While this may feel as if there are no home buying options, we may have the perfect solution. At MHS. . .

Can you Reuse Your VA Home Loan Benefits?

11-05-2020 • MHS Lending

One of the most common myths about the VA Loan is that you can only use this benefit once. In actuality, reusing VA Home Loan benefits is quite common amongst veterans and military members. Fortunately, there is no limit on. . .

Top 5 Benefits of Home Ownership

08-28-2020 • MHS Lending

Buying a home is an exciting milestone to living the American dream. There’s a lot that goes into the home-buying process and it can often feel a bit overwhelming. When you work with a team of experts, your journey to. . .