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Differences Between Cash-Out and IRRRL Refinances

04-19-2022 • MHS Lending

Millions of homeowners in the US refinance their mortgages every year. 2021 was one of the most historic years where more people than ever before took advantage of historically low interest rates and high house appreciation and refinanced their homes.. . .

Top 3 Benefits of Refinancing with Your VA Loan

02-09-2021 • MHS Lending

There are many reasons why people take advantage of the ability to refinance their home. When you refinance, you are essentially paying off your existing mortgage and replacing it with a new loan. Depending on many factors like how much. . .

Who Has VA Home Loan Eligibility?

07-15-2020 • MHS Lending

The VA Home Loan is an incredible benefit available exclusively to military families and veterans. Many military families don’t take advantage of this loan simply because they don’t know they’re eligible. The Department of Veterans Affairs has laid out very. . .

7 Benefits of Refinancing with a VA Loan

06-20-2020 • MHS Lending

There are many reasons you might choose to refinance your home. One of the most popular reasons is so you can lock in a lower interest rate that wasn’t available at the time you purchased your home. Another reason is. . .