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Top Tips to Turn Your House into a Home This Spring

We all love redecorating our home when the seasons change, and spring is a great time to brighten your space and welcome warmer days. Adding a few indoor plants, swapping darker curtains with light airy curtains, and planting a garden are all great ways to get into the spring mode. Whether you’re a new homebuyer or you’ve lived in your home for years, there are a few ways you can turn your house into a cheery spring home this season.

Decorate With Spring Plants

According to Good Housekeeping, pops of live greenery is one of this year’s biggest home décor trends. If you’re looking to add more plants to your home to bring spring inside, there are a few great ways to do so. Bundle up some colorful fake flowers and put them on display in main areas. Coffee tables, entrance tables, and the center of your kitchen table all make for great spaces that could use some pops of color. If you love the smell of fresh flowers, you can even opt to replace them every few days with a rotating selection for a beautiful accent and fresh floral smell.

In addition to flowers, house plants are all the rage today with more people buying plants now than ever before. If you’re running out of space on the floor or on windowsills to place your houseplants, there are creative ways to add more plants. Add some shelves to a wall or hang planters from the tops of windows or corners of rooms and enjoy seeing the greenery transform your space. Another unique way to add space for greenery is by adding some window boxes. These are relatively inexpensive and can create great curb appeal to your home. Plus, they offer an awesome view and are easy to get to for watering.

Add Pops Of Color Throughout Your Home

Adding colors to your home doesn’t have to just happen on coffee tables and in the kitchen. There are some other places you may not have even thought of that you can swap out muted colors for bright ones and really wow guests. Try changing out throw pillows and blankets or books on bookshelves. Have a fireplace? Swap the mantle décor for something cheerier. Do you prefer heavy, darker curtains for cold winter months? Switch to light, airy curtains as you welcome in spring so you can let the sunshine in. These small changes make a world of difference in brightening your home.

Reinvent Your Entryway

The entrance to your home is everyone’s first impression when they walk through the door. This is a great area to add a massive mirror or painting, entry table with accents, and can be used for unique storage of shoes, hats, gloves, and more. As spring comes in, changing the first impression from a wintery one to a spring one is a fun way to kick off the season in style. Brighten your space with a new lamp or fresh blooms on the table or trade out the rug for a bohemian or garden themed one.

Are you looking to go beyond the entrance after you walk inside? Trade out your welcome mat with a fun spring saying or design, add some flowers to your staircase, and swap out your wreath for one with pastel floral patterns like lavender, white, and yellow. All of these are easy to swap and make a noticeable difference right when you walk in!

Bright Plates And Glassware

A quick trip to your local department store or home accents store can be a great way to get in the spring décor mode, and you might think twice before passing by the brightly colored glassware and fun pastel bowls and serving dishes. These dishes can be melamine for outdoor dining or fancy china depending on your preference, but either way can make a huge impact and be fun for serving up meals like hot dogs, hamburgers, and pasta salads. Arrange your new plates and glassware by color, height, or any other aesthetically appealing way for a bright and cheerful tablescape this spring.

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Bigger Design Ideas For Spring

If you’re looking to go beyond small accents throughout the house and want to really transform a room, there are a few trending projects that can help spruce up your home for spring. Wallpaper is making a comeback and having accent walls with unique designs and bold colors is all the rage. Update your zoom background in your home office with a patterned wallpaper or turn a hall bathroom into a feminine powder room with soft wallpaper designs.

Another home refresh trend right now is adding two-tone cabinets to your kitchen. Depending on the height of your ceiling, adding a second tone to your kitchen cabinets can add height, or bring the mood to a cozier atmosphere. It also can give you a unique architectural element that turns a beautiful kitchen into a striking one. Plus, this simple act of painting or refinishing cabinets can give you the feeling of a brand-new space without the price tag of a complete remodel.

Whether you’re looking to completely re-do the landscaping in your backyard or just want to add a few accents throughout the home, there’s something for every budget to transform your house as the season changes. Add a few of these tricks to your spring-cleaning list and you’ll be set for beautiful days at home. Spring is one of the busiest times for real estate with many families choosing to buy their new home from April to June so they can travel during July and August.

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