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5 Easy Ways to Turn Your House into a Home

Getting the keys to your very own house is an incredible feeling. You’ve worked hard to save the money you need, research your new neighborhood, and pick out your “must haves” when you went house shopping. Now that you’re a homeowner, it’s time to start the process of turning your new house into a home. While bringing in some of your furniture and filling the fridge may feel like the main steps, there are a few other easy ways to turn your new house into a home. From carefully selected artwork to thoughtful lighting, following these simple steps will help you feel at home in no time!

To turn your house into a home, start with the floors

Before you bring in any furniture, you may want to consider adding some warmth to your home from the ground up. Adding a rug can make the world of difference in a room. In fact, according to a study released by Statista, 79% of American households have at least one area rug in their home. Textures and colors in rugs can brighten up any space and add a completely new element changing the vibe of the room. Make a statement with a large rug with a unique pattern or marry all your furniture together with a neutral area rug. Rugs also do wonders to help with sound insulation and can make your home feel comfortable. Rather than having a loud echo in your rooms, rugs can help give you the feeling of being in a room that is “lived-in” and loved.

Be thoughtful about storage

When you first move into your new home, the endless piles of boxes can feel overwhelming. While some people have the motivation to unpack right away, others hide boxes in closets, promising to tackle them when there’s time. The best way to help turn your house into a home right from the start, is by strategically planning out storage. Avoid cluttering your new home and give everything a home as you unpack so you can start settling in right away. When it comes to storage, take advantage of your new closets and cupboards for the optimal space. Giving everything its own space makes you feel at home and helps create beautiful rooms.

If you are starting to feel the pressure of “too much to do, too little time”, try to and focus one room at a time, starting with the ones you use the most. Do you love to cook? Put away your appliances and organize your utensils first so you can enjoy a meal in your brand-new kitchen. Are you a huge fan of watching movies? Set up your living room and organize your movie collection so you can snuggle in for a movie night. Is it hard for you to fall asleep in a room full of clutter? Unpack your room and light a candle for a good night’s sleep. Whichever room is your oasis, start there and work one by one for a manageable process.

Hang some artwork on the walls

It sounds like a simple step but covering bare walls with artwork will do wonders for transforming your room. According to Artwork Archive, art makes a home more human and brings life back into a room. While many people write artwork off as being expensive, there are plenty of ways you can bring beauty into your home for less. For cheap ways to make an impact, frame pages from a vintage book, put together a collage of family pictures, or peruse local antique shops for unique finds. Hang a statement piece behind your couch and adorn bookshelves with knick knacks from travels to make your rooms feel beautiful the instant you enter them.

Add custom details to your cabinets

One of the cheapest and most effective upgrades you can do to your cabinets is by changing out the hardware. Swap out silver handles for ornate colorful ones or add a pop of gold to an otherwise white room for an instant flair of sophistication. The sky's the limit with changing out custom hardware. Get creative and try swapping out light switches, doorknobs, pulls, or handles and enjoy a luxurious upgraded look. These small details will do wonders to help your home feel personal and beautiful in a flash.

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Choose your lighting carefully

Last, but certainly not least be thoughtful about the lighting in your new home. While changing light fixtures may require you to call in a professional, a simple upgrade can change the vibe of your home right away. If you’re selecting where to place lamps, think about how you want the room to be lit. Make separate areas with lighting basing it on how you intend to use the rooms, so you are comfortable and feel right at home. Lighting can be relatively inexpensive so if you’re looking to make a quick difference, try swapping out light bulbs and lighting fixtures for an updated, personalized look and feel.

Other unique ways to turn your house into a home include adding personal touches like photographs to each room, putting house plants throughout the home, and lighting candles with your favorite scent. You work hard to become a homeowner; after you receive your keys, you’ll want to follow these easy tips to enjoy your new home to its fullest. At MHS Lending, we offer an extensive product portfolio in order to offer home purchasing solutions for every military member and veteran. If you’re ready to start your home buying journey, contact our team today!