Benefits of VA Loans

What are the benefits of the VA Loan?

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What is your branch of Service?

What is your branch of Service?

Millions of military men and women have taken advantage of the VA Loan when buying a home. The benefits offered to military families are unparalleled.

Lower Payments

One of the best VA Loan perks is that there is no PMI (private mortgage insurance). With the VA guaranteeing up to 25% of the loan, PMI is waived. This gives buyers a much lower monthly payment. In addition, closing costs and interest rates are often considerably lower than other types of mortgages.

No Down Payment

People spend years building their savings so they can make a hefty down payment on their dream home. VA Loans are one of the only home loans available with a $0 down payment. Without a massive down payment, these loans make it possible to get into your dream house quicker.

Easier to Qualify

VA Loans often have much lower credit score minimums and lower debt-to-income ratio requirements. With these relaxed requirements, millions have home ownership opportunities they might have otherwise not qualified for with conventional financing.

First-time Buyer Perks

With the VA Loan, the process of homebuying is more convenient and affordable making it extremely accessible for first-time buyers. The perks are unmatched and this takes out a lot of the stress first-time buyers feel.


The experience that my wife and I had with Military Home Spot has been nothing but great.

Being a first time home buyer was not easy and at times it was very stressful. Mr. Whisman and his staff made sure that we understood every detail of the process which helped a lot by putting us at ease. The type of customer service and hospitality that the team provided let us know that we were going to be in good hands and will continue to work with Military Home Spot in the future.


Can Be Used More Than Once

You are able to take advantage of the VA Loan more than once if you follow these rules:

  • Once you have paid off the mortgage or sold your home, the VA Loan is available again for immediate use.

  • You are able to have multiple VA Loans at the same time. If the amount of the combined home prices that are used are less than the county loan limit, then you can use the remainder of your eligibility to purchase another home with no down payment.

There is No Prepayment

You can pay off your loan early and you will not have to pay extra fees or interest. The faster you pay your mortgage off, the less you pay in the long run.

VA Loans are amazing mortgage loans offered to military families across America. Veterans and active duty military members are taking advantage of them every day. These benefits are reserved exclusively for military families and exist so you can live the American dream you fought to protect.

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